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Skansen lantern manufactured on site!
Custom bottles to your old Schatull casket
stockholms glassworks
Along with Wasasten of Sweden, we have created a salt and pepper set with hand-blown glass vats and hand sawn stone in Swedish black diabase / red Porphyry. Choose from stone (polished/unpolished) wood (large/small) and bowl.
Stone (polished / unpolished): 650 SEK
Wood (large): 350 SEK
Wood (small): 200 SEK
Bowl: 400 SEK
Mouth blown cylinderlamp.
This year we have several christmas designs added to our mooses.
Our famous moose is now also a shot glass.
Blow a crystal heart (2 persons)
Perpetuate your breath in a single crystal heart together with your loved one.

See the film clip to the left to see what it looks like (In Swedish, from Skansen Drop-in Wedding 2012).

Price: 850 SEK

Call / email to schedule a time for blowing your crystal heart!

The heart can be collected from the day after the glassworks. A warm welcome!

Stadionflaskan (only 25 left!)
During the spring of 2013 Stockholms Glassworks, together with DIF Football, created an exclusive, right through handmade and signed schnapps bottle "Stadionflaskan" for all Djurgården fans with a taste for the good life. They were made in a limited edition of 100 pieces bottles. 75 pieces are already sold! First come first served for the remaining 25!

Price: 1891 SEK per bottle.

Click here to order Stadionflaskan!
Summer-necklace! Design by Carina Flodin. Price: 6 900 SEK
Summer-earrings! Design by Carina Flodin. Price: 490 SEK













The Skansen lantern was first produced in 1933. Now you can give it away as a gift! Buy it finished in the color you want, or give away the shell and let the birthday child choose the color and see the production of the lantern on site. Price from 1900 SEK. Call for more information about the gift/booking!



















On October 11 2011, Skansen celebrated 120 years. We celebrated this by producing "Champagne glass Hazelius"! (tribute to founder Artur Hazelius).
The glass is available for sale in our collection, gold and black inside the leg and a high cracked cup, signed "Hazelius". Price: 425 SEK per glass.
Champagne glass "Hazelius"
Click on the link to see some video footage of the glass!
Now we at Stockholms Glassworks offer the ability to produce new bottles for your Schatull casket. There is also the possibility of different colors on the bottles.!
stockholms glassworks
stockholms glassworks